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4 Ways How EMR Software Helps Manage Diagnostic Labs!

Diagnostic labs play a crucial role in the healthcare industry. Physicians rely on their testing as well as imaging services to get a good picture of a patient’s health and make informed decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment. Hence, it is essential that every laboratory be well-equipped to provide quick and accurate test results every time.

Leading healthcare software companies in Chennai show how an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or an Electronic Health Record (EHR) software goes a long way in ensuring the efficient and error-free management of a clinical laboratory.

Here are some of the most common problems faced by diagnostic labs in their day-to-day operations. Find out how having a comprehensive EMR system is the key to solving them.

Ways In Which Top 10 EMR Systems Help In A Clinical Laboratory

1. Avoid Human Errors

A typical laboratory workflow involves the registration of a patient, creating a list of testing or imaging services to be done, attaching an identification tag to the samples to be taken, collecting the samples or performing the test/imaging and the generation of results and reports. Doing the entire operation manually is a risky exercise. Mistakes can happen while recording and transposing data manually. The consequences of such human errors could be disastrous for the patient’s health as well as the lab’s reputation.

2. Reduce Turnaround Time

A fast turnaround time – time taken for the lab to generate the report from the time the test was ordered – is a must for the success of a clinical lab. Labs need to have a smooth workflow process in place to be able to achieve a quick turnaround time. This is possible only if they have a robust EMR maintenance system to back up their workflow operations.

3. Generate Clear Reports

The absence of a consistent report generation process leads to a lot of chaos! Reports reaching the wrong hands, details omitted or lost in transcription, miscommunication of information, duplicated work, and rework may be avoided by having efficient laboratory management software in place.

EMR Software Makes Integration with Other Health Care Providers Easy!

4. Provide Easy Access To Reports

Clinical labs must be able to tie up with external health care providers to improve their business. Having a system in place to receive referrals from hospitals and clinics and the timely communication of test reports back to them is crucial for growing a laboratory’s business and reputation.

Paper-based reports and manual collection of results are on their way out. Patients and physicians alike would prefer a more convenient means to receive their test or imaging reports. Most laboratory management systems these days provide a web-based interface for viewing the results of a laboratory test.

Jeenah – LIS From Allied Business, An Industry Leader In EMR EHR Software 

Here are some of the salient features of Jeenah – LIS, a comprehensive laboratory management software system from Allied Business.

  • Automatic Result Updation through SMS, e-mail or mobile app
  • Reduced Overall Turnaround Time
  • Interface for any time, anywhere access to records
  • Role-based, password-restricted access to patient data
  • MIS reports for top management

Why Are Healthcare Management Systems Important?

Healthcare Software Solutions Are The Greatest Boon For Medical Care Facilities!

Healthcare software solutions have become such an integral part of modern hospitals and clinical facilities. The days of paper-based files and written patient records have rapidly given way to touch screens, tablets and online reports. All of this has been possible with the giant strides we have taken in the fields of information and technology. Let us find out all the ways by which these technological advancements have made life simpler for hospital administrations all over the world.

Here Are Some Of The Principal Areas That Must Be Handled By A Good Healthcare Software

Patient Records

The whole concept of a healthcare management system (HMS) probably born out of the need for a comprehensive patient information system. Managing patient records remains a primary focus area of an HMS. From the vital information that the patient provides at the time of registration, to their medical history, their lab and imaging reports, they are all captured in an HMS. Once the data is in the system, they are available for use by anyone with access to it, anywhere in the hospital.

Hospital Workflow

  • In-Patient
    HMS maintains a complete record of a patient’s stay in the hospital from admission to discharge any transfers in between. Information about their medical condition, the diagnosis, the treatment – medication administered, procedures/surgeries performed, lab tests or imaging done – get recorded in the HMS. So, at any a point, anyone can look at the patient’s record to see the current status of the care given to the patient.
  • Out-Patient
    Starting with the management of appointments, healthcare management system takes care of all the activities involved in out-patient care such as juggling doctors’ schedules, registering patient details, maintaining records of reviews, follow-ups, among several other aspects of out-patient care.


Another primary area that a hospital management system can help with is with billing and financials. Keeping track of all the revenue streams at the hospital (from simple consultations to complex surgeries), generating invoices to recording payments, staying on top of all patient expenses to be added to the final bill, and even liaising with insurance providers have all been made simpler with an HMS.


Perhaps the biggest gain that hospitals get from having a healthcare software is the MIS reports that are available for the hospital administration. They can pull up data on billing revenues or cash flow or expenses in the hospital at any time to get a good pulse on the health of the hospital as a business unit.

Jeenah – One Of The Best Healthcare Software Solutions On The Market!

Allied Business has developed its comprehensive healthcare management system, Jeenah, keeping in mind all the workflow requirements of a multi-disciplinary hospital. Their product provides one of the best healthcare management software solutions in the country.

Here are the various modules that are available for managing a hospital using Jeenah:

  • Appointment and Scheduling
  • IP Management
  • Pharmacy
  • OP Management
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Insurance and Corporate billing
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Mobility solutions in smartphones, tabs, and pads
  • Imaging

As you can see, Jeenah pretty much covers all the functions that you would ever in a software system for managing your healthcare facility. Get in touch with Allied Business today for details.


8 Reasons Why You Need a Hospital Management System!

Hospital management is no mean feat! It boggles the mind to imagine the quantum of information gathering and decision making that goes into running any hospital like a well-oiled machine. There are patient records to manage, doctor’s schedules to work out, inventory to keep track of, billing records to maintain, insurance providers to work with – the list goes on! So unless there is an efficient hospital management system in place to handle all of these functions, there is going to be a veritable nightmare on the hands of the hospital’s administration.

What is Hospital Management System?

A hospital management system (HMS) is typically a computer-based or a web-based software system that helps manage the various complicated processes and workflows that are inherent to the regular working of a hospital. It provides interfaces for the various stakeholders of a hospital (or any medical facility, for that matter) to capture, access, manage and report information about every single aspect of the hospital’s functioning.

Essential Things That a Good Hospital Management App Must Have.

A comprehensive HMS should have provisions to document and manage the following aspects of a hospital.

  • Patients
  • Doctors
  • Inventory
  • Billing
  • Insurance
  • HR
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology/Diagnostics
  • Support Staff
  • Reports

8 Reasons Why You Need To Think About Hospital Management System For Your Healthcare Facility:

1.Track Financials Better

Having a hospital management system in place will significantly benefit the Finance department of the hospital. They can track revenues, outflows, debts and receivables better with an HMS. The financial reports that an HMS can generate would give the hospital administration a very accurate picture of the health of a hospital.

2.Secure Your Data

HMS makes it impossible for unauthorized personnel from accessing sensitive and private information, especially concerning patient records. It considerably reduces the possibility of data theft.

3.Eradicate Errors

The older, manual method of hospital management is highly prone to human error. With automation of processes using an HMS, there is little or no room for error in any of the hospital workflows.

4.Make Diagnosis and Treatment Easier

With the useful dashboards and reports provided by an HMS, doctors and other caregivers have easy and quick access to patient records and test results, thus increasing clinical competency all around.

5.Increase Patient Satisfaction

HMS considerably reduces the time taken for processes and procedures at every stage of patient interaction, such as registration, billing and discharge, thus making your customers happy.

6.Improve Hospital Quality Ratings

Implementation of an HMS provided by Healthcare IT solution providers has become a vital index of the quality of a hospital or healthcare facility. Thus, HMS significantly improves your standing with insurance companies and quality circles.

7.Paperless Operation

A happy outcome of the advent of HMS is the increasing use of electronic records over physical files. There might come a day when hospitals become completely paperless with further advances in hospital management systems.

8.Run Your Hospital Efficiently

The amount of time and effort you will save by setting up an HMS for your hospital can be astounding. These invaluable savings make for the efficient and smooth operation of your hospital.

Now that you know the incredible hospital management services offered by the full-scale implementation of an HMS, do not spend any more time thinking! Do your research, consult with a reputable HMS vendor and make your hospital ready for the future!

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Why Is Endoscopy Reporting Software A Must For Hospitals?

Medical Image Capturing Software Plays a Crucial Role in the Field of Gastroenterology!

Endoscopy is a widely performed non-surgical procedure that is used primarily by gastroenterologists for a thorough examination of a patient’s digestive tract. While it can be used for studying other internal organs and even blood vessels, endoscopy is predominantly used for detecting and diagnosing digestive tract problems!

High resolution images and videos are taken of known checkpoints along the gut, and also of pathological findings on the way, if any. A detailed report is then prepared with notes and annotations accompanying the images and videos, to help the physician make an accurate diagnosis.

An endoscopy can also be used for removing tissue samples for biopsy and even for performing minor therapeutic procedures at times. So, the endoscopy reporting has to accommodate for information about the biopsy or treatment done as well.

Thus, the importance of comprehensive and extensive endoscopy reports cannot be stated enough! This is where the need for an endoscopic reporting software comes in.

Find Out How Medical Imaging Software helps with Endoscopy Reporting!

Endoscopic image reporting software is a specialized kind of medical imaging software that is particularly modelled for capturing endoscopy reports. There are leading healthcare software companies in Chennai that have developed comprehensive medical imaging software that adheres to all the industry standards for endoscopy reports.

There are several advantages that an endoscopy image capture software has over manual endoscopy reporting.

Saves Time
The manual method of reporting – by printing out endoscopy images with copious amounts of handwritten notes – is tedious and time consuming! With Endoscopy Reporting Software, there is no need for taking extra time for all that – the images are captured and annotated while the procedure is being done. Further, combining this software with a good picture archiving and communication system (PACS), makes the reports instantaneously available for anyone anywhere in the hospital, saving time there as well!

Makes For Consistent Reports

Manual reports have plenty of room for discrepancies and inconsistencies in reporting. Since the software provides a standard template for capturing report data, it ensures that no important details are missed out in the final report. Hence, a complete and consistent report is obtained for every single Endoscopy performed at a hospital.

Ease of Use

Since the images are retained in digital form, they can be studied in depth and detail (using zoom/ video play features, for example) to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis. Some image capture software provides image manipulation features (like cropping, zooming) to add more detail to the reports. The digital format also ensures the images can be easily imported/ exported or emailed across platforms.


The best thing about any enterprise software solution is that it provides for customization based on the individual needs of the customer. Be it a busy community hospital, or renowned teaching hospital or a small gastroenterology clinic, the endoscopy reporting software can be customized to suit their particular endoscopic needs of the healthcare facility!

With this many advantages, one can imagine why a comprehensive endoscopy image capture software is indispensable to any hospital practicing gastroenterology!

MediView – The Complete Endoscopy Reporting Software!

MediView is an endoscopy image capture and reporting software developed by Allied Business, a leading provider of hospital management software in Chennai. It offers an complete, customizable medical imaging and reporting software solution that can meet any endoscopic demands your hospital might have! What is more, since MediView is DICOM enabled, it can be integrated with the in-house PACS software from Allied Business, if required, to make the whole process of endoscopic image capture and reporting efficient and seamless!

Find out more about MediView here!

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Medical Imaging solution and its Importance

Medical image processing software is the new talk of the town all thanks to the innumerable benefits it offers. The medical field is a complex one which involves several processes which work together in unity. If anyone of this process fails, it can have detrimental effects. Also, unlike any other fields, the medical field is concerned with the most precious asset- human life! Assessment of almost every critical illness or detailed analysis of various diseases can only be done with proper imaging solutions. Medical imaging is the process by which visual representation of the different interior parts of the body is done for detailed clinical analysis. It helps in determining the medical intervention needed. It also helps to analyze various internal organs and tissues.

The Necessity Of Medical Imaging

Now, why is medical imaging such a huge necessity? Why can we not do without medical imaging? Here is why!

  • Technology plays a huge role in the development of any field, and the medical field is no exception.
  • It is difficult to analyze and detect critical illnesses like cancer without proper analyzation techniques. In the case of cancer, early detection is the only hope. If you can detect early, then there are greater chances of recovery. But, the later you identify, higher the chances of succumbing to the illness.
  • Surgical procedures are difficult to conduct without a proper understanding of the internal parts of the body. A detailed image of the organs, tissues and other internal parts is necessary for a detailed analysis.
  • In the absence of medical imaging, you will have to undergo exploratory surgeries so that the doctors can get an idea about the issues in your internal organs.

How Mediview Software Differs!

We can lend a helping hand in the field of medical imaging by offering cutting-edge technology in medical imaging solutions. Here is what we can do!

  • Medical imaging can never be an understatement of any sort. It is the first step towards a long-lasting future of the patient. Mediview software helps the patients to detect their illness way before it becomes critical, helps them get the right treatment for it and thus be the beacon of light for a new life.
  • The future of therapeutics and medical diagnostics depends on medical imaging. Mediview paves the way for it.
  • Imaging solutions like mammography offered by Mediview can help in detecting the early symptoms of breast cancer way before it starts being evident. Thus, it helps to start treatment in the beginning stages itself paving the way for the cure of breast cancer. Increased usage of mammogram has proved to reduce fatalities of breast cancer by 30%.
  • Medical imaging solutions by Mediview helps in aiding surgical procedures and is also a critical part of CT scans. CT scans offer 3D imaging solutions for various cross-sections of the body. These images help in operating multiple body parts during surgeries.
  • Medical imaging solutions by Mediview help in avoiding invasive diagnostic procedures like angiography, exploratory surgery or cardiac catherization.

Thus, Mediview paves way for a better tomorrow by aiding in earlier detection of diseases, detailed analysis of health conditions and offering clarity of understanding in surgical procedures. Adopt Mediview and be the beacon of hope for a better, healthier tomorrow!