Why Is Endoscopy Reporting Software A Must For Hospitals?

Why Is Endoscopy Reporting Software A Must For Hospitals?

Medical Image Capturing Software Plays a Crucial Role in the Field of Gastroenterology!

Endoscopy is a widely performed non-surgical procedure that is used primarily by gastroenterologists for a thorough examination of a patient’s digestive tract. While it can be used for studying other internal organs and even blood vessels, endoscopy is predominantly used for detecting and diagnosing digestive tract problems!

High resolution images and videos are taken of known checkpoints along the gut, and also of pathological findings on the way, if any. A detailed report is then prepared with notes and annotations accompanying the images and videos, to help the physician make an accurate diagnosis.

An endoscopy can also be used for removing tissue samples for biopsy and even for performing minor therapeutic procedures at times. So, the endoscopy reporting has to accommodate for information about the biopsy or treatment done as well.

Thus, the importance of comprehensive and extensive endoscopy reports cannot be stated enough! This is where the need for an endoscopic reporting software comes in.

Find Out How Medical Imaging Software helps with Endoscopy Reporting!

Endoscopic image reporting software is a specialized kind of medical imaging software that is particularly modelled for capturing endoscopy reports. There are leading healthcare software companies in Chennai that have developed comprehensive medical imaging software that adheres to all the industry standards for endoscopy reports.

There are several advantages that an endoscopy image capture software has over manual endoscopy reporting.

Saves Time
The manual method of reporting – by printing out endoscopy images with copious amounts of handwritten notes – is tedious and time consuming! With Endoscopy Reporting Software, there is no need for taking extra time for all that – the images are captured and annotated while the procedure is being done. Further, combining this software with a good picture archiving and communication system (PACS), makes the reports instantaneously available for anyone anywhere in the hospital, saving time there as well!

Makes For Consistent Reports

Manual reports have plenty of room for discrepancies and inconsistencies in reporting. Since the software provides a standard template for capturing report data, it ensures that no important details are missed out in the final report. Hence, a complete and consistent report is obtained for every single Endoscopy performed at a hospital.

Ease of Use

Since the images are retained in digital form, they can be studied in depth and detail (using zoom/ video play features, for example) to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis. Some image capture software provides image manipulation features (like cropping, zooming) to add more detail to the reports. The digital format also ensures the images can be easily imported/ exported or emailed across platforms.


The best thing about any enterprise software solution is that it provides for customization based on the individual needs of the customer. Be it a busy community hospital, or renowned teaching hospital or a small gastroenterology clinic, the endoscopy reporting software can be customized to suit their particular endoscopic needs of the healthcare facility!

With this many advantages, one can imagine why a comprehensive endoscopy image capture software is indispensable to any hospital practicing gastroenterology!

MediView – The Complete Endoscopy Reporting Software!

MediView is an endoscopy image capture and reporting software developed by Allied Business, a leading provider of hospital management software in Chennai. It offers an complete, customizable medical imaging and reporting software solution that can meet any endoscopic demands your hospital might have! What is more, since MediView is DICOM enabled, it can be integrated with the in-house PACS software from Allied Business, if required, to make the whole process of endoscopic image capture and reporting efficient and seamless!

Find out more about MediView here! https://www.alliedbusiness.co.in/medical-imaging-software/endoscopy-reporting-software/

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