Quality Patient Care with Modern Medical Software Solutions

Demands of Modern Medical Care on Healthcare Providers

Interior of a hospital operating room with modern equipments and healthcare solutions

If you are working as a healthcare manager or medical office manager, then you need to know about the latest technical advancements and tools on the market. It is important to get updated with latest technology and software to function your business smoothly.

Hospital Management team should have exceptional knowledge of latest developments in the industry mainly medical billing software, endoscopy reporting software, practice management software and electronic health records software.

Healthcare providers who are well informed know the use of these applications and suggest to install these tools in their clinic or hospital. Healthcare IT services are being provided by many technology partners who can understand the need and provide the solutions that ensure improved patient care.

Different Types of Healthcare Systems and their Benefits

  • Electronic health records software

HER or electronic health records software is an important application that you need to install in your hospital. It helps in giving digital records of all the patient. It means you do not have to use pen and paper or files for managing the patient’s records. It eliminates the entire paper records and allocation of space for placing the records. There is no need to secure the records in a locked storage room after the implementation of EHR software.

Nurses, nurse practitioners, and doctors can enter the patient’s data by talking into the microphone connected to the computer. It is the system that would translate speech into text on the screen.

EHR software allows simple communication and transfer of information and data through patient kiosk and portal. It is designed to enhance organization and efficiency since your office functions on a paperless system.

It offers updated and accurate information about the patients. It is especially important when the patient or physician require instant information during a serious compliant. The medical professionals can easily view the information from the system when the patient has checked into an emergency room or late night clinic.

  • Medical Image Capture Software

Medical Image Capture software is the premium solution used for various purposes. It can even change non DICOM medical files to DICOM. Mediview is the latest Endoscopy Image Capture software in market. It offers medical imaging solutions to hundreds of hospitals all over the world. It has been a great benefit for patients and has saved them in various critical situations. It is simple to upgrade your existing system to DICOM compliant Mediview software. It is simple to use and does not require any technical knowledge.

It has the capacity to record the entire study. If you see this feature in other software, you would find recording available only for a few seconds. Several modalities like Echocardiography and ultrasound applications like motion x-ray, endoscopy, catheterization, and interventional radiology are some applications that need long video capturing. Mediview can record for more than 10 minutes.

Another interesting feature of Mediview is the user can edit and review before sending the images or videos to PACS. Several other imaging software would force to send immediately without the editing option. Mediview lets you view, edit, and review the captured images and videos. This way, you can take a clear decision and then send to PACS.

Mediview is simple to learn. If you have used Microsoft Word like applications, you would Mediview similar to that. It can be learned in a quick time. It offers a lot of features like Print, Export, viewing the entire images and videos and much more.

  • Medical Billing Software

If you enter a modern medical health care center or hospital, you would find a computerized medical billing system. Gone are the days, depending on paper and pen for medical billing. It is a safe, secure and sophisticated application to manage all the bills created for service in the hospital or clinic.

It is best to research and install a latest medical billing software for best solutions. It gives complete access and control to various details in the business. It is recommended to get a paid version instead of a free version since the paid version will be updated regularly by the software vendor. The free vendor will have only certain features. There are chances for hackers to enter into your billing system. As it the most important and crucial software in a hospital, it is best to purchase a paid one.