Diagnostic Imaging Systems and Their Impact in HealthCare Industry

Must Have Features for a Healthcare Imaging system

Endoscopic Image captured healthcare staff in a hospital

DICOM or Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine is the average protocol for the transmission and management of medical pictures and associated data. It is used in several healthcare facilities. ACR or American College of Radiology and NEMA or National Electrical Manufacturers Association originally developed the DICOM. NEMA’s original trademark is the DICOM. It is managed by DICOM Standards Association. It is a committee that is joined by the collaboration of users through all medical imaging fields having interest in the tuning of medical imaging data.

It is an international standard to manage and communicate medical data and images. The main mission of DICOM is to make sure the interoperability of classifications utilized to retrieve, process, query, send, display, share, store, print and produce medical images and manage associated workflows. Vendors manufacturing imaging equipment like MRI or imaging information systems like PACS and associated equipment ensure that it is compliant to DICOM standards as per NEMA. Ideally , the endoscopy image management solution  must be DICOM compliant.

The DICOM standards are applied to all the fields of medicine especially when there is predominant use of medical imaging technology like dentistry, obstetrics, oncology, cardiology, and radiology.

Medical imaging is a non-invasive process of developing a pictorial representation of the patient’s interior. It remains hidden behind the skin, surrounding organ systems and muscle for diagnostic purposes. Non-invasive means there would not be any instruments used or introduced to the patient’s body while performing a scan.

Medical images are important for treatment, diagnosis, and clinical analysis as part of care plan of the patient. The data collected is used to find out any physiological and anatomical abnormalities, decide the treatment’s progress and offer physicians with a catalogue of patient’s scan for future reference.

Need for Image Capturing systems in Diagnostic Centres

After the development of innovative imaging technologies like CT scans and high-end use of computer in clinical work, NEMA and ACR decided to have a standard system to share images and associated data between various vendor devices as per International Organization of Standardization. Devices like Endoscopy Image Capture system produce a wide range of digital images and video formats.

In 1983, the NEMA and ACR developed a joint meeting with an ambition to establish standards with the hope of marketing communication of digital imaging data apart from the device manufacturer. It has aided to enable the expansion and development of PACS.

Now, DICOM is used all over the world to exchange, transmit and store medical images. It enables the incorporation of medical imaging systems from numerous manufacturers. Associated images and patient data are stored and exchanged in a standard format. It is hard to share information between several imaging devices without a standard approach. As the user have to save and share in several image formats, a standard approach remains beneficial in various ways.

With DICOM, the physicians are able to easily access reports and images. It helps them to perform a diagnosis from any part of the world. At the same time, the patients are able to get the best health care assistance.

DICOM format is not followed by all the medical imaging devices and software. Due to this factor, XDS or expansion of cross-document allocation was developed. It is an extension that is particular for imaging. It allows storing images in multiple formats. Several medical imaging system manufacturers and vendors provide features that read non DICOM and DICOM formats.

DICOM Compliant Endoscopy Reporting Software-Mediview

Mediview is the latest medical image capture software with numerous features developed as part of healthcare IT solutions developed by Allied Business . It has both the advanced and simple registration features that can be used in the web version and local capturing station. As it is DICOM compliant, it can easily share videos and images of the patient to the PACS. It is an HL7 acquiescent. The video and image containers serve as an excellent feature to search and organize photos of particular verdicts and videos of particular content.


    • It is simple to use as Microsoft Office
    • It can save and show patient details like ID, Date of Birth, Diagnosis, etc.
    • It has fast and progressive patient search option.
    • It can save and show captured scan images of the patient for later use.

If you are looking for DICOM compliant software, MEDIVIEW is an excellent choice.