Growing Need for Modern Healthcare Solutions

Need for Innovation and Advancements in Healthcare management Solutions

Technician using endoscopy equipment to examine a patient and collect diagnostic images for reporting

Physicians largely depend on clear and accurate reports to diagnose a patient’s health. These reports essentially needs to be shared across multiple divisions makin the decision-making process seamless for the physicians and helps them in delivering exceptional care. All around the globe, healthcare management systems are gaining popularity in the healthcare domain.

When it comes to taking a decision, the patient data should be easily available and utilized. When the data is scattered in various departments, the physician would not be able to take a decision in a quick time. It may take a long time for them to conclude since they need to gather all the reports from various healthcare providers.

The integration of several systems helps in a better level of efficiency. Some organizations were able to overcome internal inoperability and departmental information silos by integrating PACS with Endoscopy Reporting Software.

Enterprise Imaging solutions and Integration Requirements

Among various clinical fields, radiology is the most important segment that requires cross-enterprise integration. The radiology reports and images are the main components of the medical history of the patient. The care providers should ensure that the radiology information is easily accessed and thus reduce expenses regarding duplicative scans, redundant report and image distribution.

The majority of radiology facilities have already turned digital. They have implemented PACS and other standards compliant software in their center. They are using HL7 or health level seven messaging and DICOM (Digital imaging and communications in medicine) protocol. It is actually a solid base for integrating information from RIS (radiology information systems) and PACS (picture archive and communication system) into other programs. It allows for simple decision making and remains as a more accessible solution.

Tips to Integrate Medical Image Capture Software

If you are planning for integration of EHR, PACS and RIS solutions, you need to consider the following elements to get an immediate value.

  • Select the internet as the main integration conduit
  • Control current standards compliance
  • Know about the situation of the patient and keep that in mind
  • Reduce the impact on present care workflow
  • Plan for the best software solution architecture.

Best of Breed Architecture

Several healthcare centres and hospitals have various departmental information systems and PACS like CVIS (Cardiovascular Information System), RIS and so on. It is important for each system to mingle with the main Electronic Health Record in the hospital. Moreover, it should also interact with referring practices and outpatient clinics.

Mediview has an exceptional architectural design that is compliant with PACS and other medical standards. It is best to install and implement Mediview as it easily reduces the influence of major change management all over multiple sites. It is an alternative to the expensive technology project.


Most clinical environment faces the disturbance in existing workflow due to system integration and adoption. With effective integration, you can easily minimize or eliminate disturbances to existing patients. It is recommended to choose a solution that can be implemented without causing any disturbances. The hospitals would have invested heavily in various software and hardware systems.

Due to expensive hardware upgrades and important data migration procedures, the entire hospital would find difficulty in functioning and management. From both user and process perspectives, the integration process should be minimally troublesome to the entire technical infrastructure. It should remain invisible and seamless as much as possible to physicians depending on the recognized care workflow.

Mediview is an advanced technology software that is simple to install. It does not cause any trouble with your existing infrastructure. It has been used and certified by several recognized healthcare centers.

Improved Patient Care with Effective Medial Image capturing solutions

It is quite common to miss the situation of the patient and end up in the disturbance. It is important to consider the patient’s experience. The organization should give individual care experiences and thorough picture throughout the care period. The clinicians should have the ability to offer informed and quick decisions across the treatment cycle, which in turn helps in quality of care. It allows for e=cost effective health delivery.

While integrating Mediview, the professionals would keep the patient’s experience and ensure to offer quick customer service at your convenience. It is the most trusted Endoscopy Image Capture software you can simply trust for your requirements. It is PACS and DICOM compliant. Get in touch with the service providers for more details.